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Kibale National Park has over 13 primate species; this has made this park to be known as the primate capital of the world. Kibale National Park is also known as “home of chimps” having more than 1450 chimpanzee individuals living within 13 communities.

Only three communities have been habituated out of the 13 communities and one community is used for tourism while the other two communities are commonly used for research purpose but more two communities are undergoing the habituation process and may be introduced to tourism in the nearby future. The community being used for tourism has more than 120 individuals under the leadership of the alpha male called Magezi which is a local Bantu language that means “wisdom” being followed by other individuals in the ranking hierarchy.

Chimpanzee habituation experience is a continuous experience where by chimpanzee have to be exposed daily to human presence, however, when people stop visiting the chimpanzees, however well habituated they are, they will tend to change, as they are wild animals, they can easily go back to their wild state of behavior. There are daily group habituating the chimpanzees, for both the new groups being habituated and the already habituated group.

For tourists intending to participate and join the habituation process, the go for the CHEX experience. The Chimpanzee Habituation Experience (CHEX) allows you to accompany the Kibale’s researchers and habituate’s as they follow chimpanzee during their daily activities, thereby getting them used to human presence without altering their natural behaviors.

This is an all day and early visitors may be able to see the spectacular scene of chimps de-nesting, feeding, copulating, hunting, breast feeding, resting, patrolling and displaying until they build new nests and retire for the night around 7.00pm. (Note: Advance booking is essential, as only 6 people are allowed only daily basis per group)

The community undergoing habituation has more than 350 individuals and has been habituated for over past 8 years and is still undergoing the process.

Note: End ever to have taken breakfast before going for the habituation experience with light packed lunch inform of snacks, carry with you enough water, but on good waterproof boots, and rain jacket. A bag to protect your camera, and an extra battery. You will enjoy your day trekking at no worry.

With all these great reason, this gives you a good stand to choose chimpanzee habituation experience for your marvelous lifetime chimpanzee trekking experience. For bookings, get in touch with our team and get all arranged for you.

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