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Day Hikes/Nature Walks

This is an exploration of the park’s diverse habitats providing very close contact with nature. During nature walk the client is able to site some tree species, butterflies, monkeys, insects, birds and many other species of organisms within the park. The walks begin at 08:00 am, 10:00 am and 02:00 pm from Kanyancu Tourist Centre and take about 2-3 hours. On your lucky day, you may also be able to encounter the chimpanzee during the nature walk. Different trails do exist within the park to which your guide will lead you through as you do your nature walk. Enjoy a cool forest breeze with a relaxed mind, lost in the forest as your mind is taken away with the beauty of the nature of Kibale tropical forest.

 Night Nature Walk.

The night walk is mostly done to make the tourists be able to have a look at the four nocturnal that are only sighted during the night hours and mostly the walk stark at 7:30 pm and runs for 2 to 4 hours.

The night nature walk which allows visitors to track the unique species of birds, animals and insects such as Bats, Owl, Pottos, Bush babies, Civets, genet cats and Eastern needle nailed; that are most active at night hours. You driver guide will drive you to Kanyanchu Tourist center at around 7 pm to meet your park guide for a brief, and thereafter the guide will lead you through the forest for the walk with a lead of touch light. Remember to carry a touch light for yourself too.

Other reptiles such as snakes can be encountered on your nature walk. You are advised to wear closed boats as you head for the night walk.

 Long distance walk

Those that need adventuring and maximally enjoy the Forest’s wildlife, a 63 km guide walk from either Sebitoli or Kanyanchu and end at either site as you walk for 2 – 6 days through various sanctuaries and community campsites at Nyakarongo, Nyaibanda and Kinoni where you will enjoy traditional dance and offered local food dishes is quite rewarding. You will be able to hike different hills, and see different flora and fauna along your walk. You will also be able to encounter the local Bakiga and Batooro as they are in the social life. Indeed, it is worth a walk.

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