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Many of tourists ask themselves these questions, of what to do after their chimpanzee experience at Kibale National Park at the Kanyanchu Visitor’s Center

Since you have been in the forest and you have taken part of the nature walk, you may be looking for something different now, adventurous and rewarding to kill of the evening or extend your stay here. There is a lot to do and see around this great park.

There is a lot to keep you busy for the afternoon or the next day programme. You may decide to participate in one of these activities like;

Visiting Bigodi Wetland, which is the highest activity undertaken by most tourist after their chimpanzee experience to enjoy a swamp walk in this wetland where you have chance to sport more monkeys and some bird species for the bird lovers.

Take a community walk and swamp walk with Bigodi Community Walk group (BICOWA), a  locally owned guide group, based in doing local tour to experience the indigenous traditional ways of the local people, such as coffee making, local herbs, swamp walk to spot some bird life and primates, banana bear making and much more including preparation of local dishes.

Visit the crater lakes as Fort Portal is known for having a number of crater lakes with stunning magnificent view that may color your evening.

Talking a walk at Tooro Botanical Garden, where you have a chance to see a number of medicinal plants and other bird species as well.

Visiting the Tooro Palace, and get to learn about the Batooro culture and leadership, the Kingship and all the insight of the Tooro people.

Visiting Semuliki National Park, here you have a chance to see the hot spring and for the bird lovers, you will love this place.

Visiting Amabeere Caves, just a few Kilometers from Fort Portal town. This places has beautiful numerous waterfalls, some monkeys can as well be sighted; an number of birds, as you take a walk of the trails as you guide provides you will the rich historical background of the place.

Visiting the local community, you can take a walk to the home steads and see the life style of the local Batooro and Bakiga tribes who live around the park area, so as to get their cultural insight.

Visiting Vanilla gardens and get to see a beautiful view of the vanilla plantation, how they are grown and processed. Learn more about farming.

Visiting tea plantation, which gives you a great feel, learn about the daily farming and tea processing. You can as well take good pictures of the tea estates, during sun set.

Biking around the local community areas, as you visit the mentioned attractions above, or just enjoy rolling around the community routes to exercise of pass time as you go around the craters as well. You can decide to paddle and visit the country side, on your own pace, viewing the beauty at a glance, or explore the crater Lakes, take selfies, and exercise as you enjoy a cool evening.  Did you know that you can cycle in the early morning from Fort Portal town or your lodge and go trek the chimpanzee, and after, you proceed with your cycling adventure to discover the country side. All you got is to paddle and keep focused on the wheels, and enjoy and a lovely moment here as you immerse yourself in the country side, feeling fresh and energized.

With the above, you stay at the region will be enjoyable, for any arrangement to include this on your itinerary, do not hesitate to reach us, we are at your service. We are consultants and planners in this, we know all the routes and attractions that match your interest, we are just and email or phone call away.

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