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Obtaining a Chimpanzee tracking Permit is quite easy as you need to book in advance as well. For rush as hours, we can as well help you get a genuine chimpanzee permits for you as well. However, advance booking is the best, as you choose which trekking session would wish you trek at your own ease. Chimpanzee tracking in Uganda is a very enriching experience; you can decide to do a half day tracking which has two schedules, thus;

Chimpanzee tracking Permit

Early Morning Trekking Session

This kicks off from 8am in the morning and can last up to mid-day, depending on the movement of the chimpanzees and where they last slept the previous night. You will only be entitled to an hour with the chimpanzee on finding them.

Afternoon Trekking Session.

This starts at 2 pm in the afternoon which goes for 2-4 hours depending on how close the group is and you’re given 1 hour period with the chimps.

A mid-morning schedule can as well be arranged, in case of rush hours as well. This always take place starting at either 10 am or 11 am. However this is not on the daily trekking programme, this is under good talks with the management.


You can decide to do a full day chimpanzee habituation tracking experience, always known as CHEX which is a full day chimpanzee habituation from 6 am in the morning during de-nesting of the chimpanzees to 6pm in the afternoon during nesting. However, you can retrieve from the trekking any time you feel you satisfied with the whole experience. However, this is the best encounter, as it gives you a great time to stay around the chimpanzees, look at many individuals, visit many groups, and take stunning photos, as you spend the entire day watching the chimpanzee behaviors.

Cost of Permits.

Chimpanzees tracking permits for Kibale Forest National Park cost USD$150 per person for non-foreign residence. This is for half day tracking, while for East African residence they pay 100,000 Uganda shillings. While a full day tracking chimpanzee permit goes on for USD$220 in both low and high season, and East African residents pay 150,000 Uganda shillings.

Each session is restricted to specific number of visitor’s, so we strongly advise that you to book your chimpanzee tracking permits few months ahead of the time of your arrival to Uganda to avoid disappointments.

We can help you arrange for your chimpanzee permits, so long as you book with us in advance. We can arrange the entire package for you as well, to avoid any inconveniences.

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