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Below are some of the summery of some common questions usually asked by clients about the chimpanzee trekking. I have piled up a list of the most commonly asked questions with relevant responses. In case you have a concern, feel free to get in touch with us, we can try to get back to you.

When does one need to book a chimpanzee permit?

It is always advised to book the permit in advance. Kibale is hot spot for chimpanzee trekking than any other destination in the world, as you have a high chance for chimpanzee trekking, as most tourist who come to visit the country always visit this park, 3 month in advance booking is recommended for high season travelers, in low season, permits are always available, we can advise.

What is a chimpanzee permit?

A chimpanzee permit is a card, that confirms your payment of a chimpanzee trekking fee, and you’re booking to allow you to trek the chimpanzees.

Is the chimpanzee permit transferable?

The permit is transferable, only if you manage to get another person who is able to buy it in time but in most cases not easy.

Is the chimpanzee permit refundable?

The chimpanzee permit is nonrefundable by the UWA, you can only resale it, in case you get a buyer, but nonrefundable. A sale of permit is final.

Do I own the Chimpanzee permit for good?

The permit is temporary, you will leave it at the park office for them to reuse it, you only own it for the period before trekking, but after, as you register for trekking, the permit is retained by park officials, for reuse.

Can one trek chimpanzee without a chimpanzee permit?

You can only trek when you paid, and either have the permit, or receipt to confirm the payment of chimpanzee fee from UWA offices.

How can I get a chimpanzee permit?

You can get a chimpanzee permit from UWA offices at Kibale, or headquarters in Kira, Kampala. You can as well use a genuine tour operator, who will process everything for you in advance at a hustle free. This is where advance booking comes in, a tour operator is the only person who can help on that situation.

Am I, assured to see the chimpanzees?

The sighting percentage is 98%, you will see the chimpanzees, and number of monkeys as well.

At what time do I need to report for trekking?

Those doing morning trekking, you need to be at the Visitor’s center by 7.30 am, and those doing afternoon shift; you need to be at the visitor’s center by 1.30 pm. Those doing CHEX, you need to be at the visitor’s center by 6.00am.

Do we need to Tip the guides?

As a god culture, you are recommended to always tip them, however this is from your heart

How long does the chimpanzee trekking takes?

Normal trekking’s takes roughly 2 – 4 hours, depending how close the chimpanzees are, but CHEX takes full day.

Are there porters at the park to help?

Yes, porters are there, some are guides themselves, others the student doing the industrial training. Always good to talk to your driver guide to inform the authority a day in advance to make the arrangements for you.

Can a person with disability trek the chimpanzees?

The answer is yes, on many occasion, I have seen many people with disability, who some use their wheels to access the forest, or carried on the carrier. To be carried on the carrier, you pay $400 for it. Those who are able to walk, you can still move on your own pace with a special guide for you.

What is the minimum age requirement for chimpanzee trekking?

You’re supposed to be 15 years and above, to be allowed to trek the chimpanzees.

Are chimpanzees dangerous?

These chimpanzees are habituated, and used to human presence, so they are friendly.

Am I allowed to take photos?

Yes, but you should turn off the flash lights.

Can on extend his trekking and book another slot?

Yes, in case there is availability, all is possible.

Can one be able to do double trekking?

Yes, you can trek for many days as you wish, so long as you book early, or there is availability.

How many chimpanzee communities are used for trekking?

There is only one chimpanzee community used for tourism, others for research purposes. This community has over 120 individuals.

Is it possible to sight chimpanzee both on ground and on tree top?

Depends on the day and nature tells. On a lucky day, you can get many on the ground, mostly on a hot sunny day, they love to relax on the ground, but on a wet day, they prefer tree top, but you can still meet them, as they travel in search of food, from tree to tree.

Are there luxury or cheap accommodation around the park?

Number of luxury accommodations, midrange and budget do exist. Please visit on our site and check out some listing.

Where is the chimpanzee starting trekking point?

The start of the trekking depends on the chimpanzee location. But briefing is done on visitor’s center, and sometimes you start of the trek from there.

For any query, please get in touch with our desk, we are at your response.

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