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Each group is supposed to be having 8 visitors per group. The grouping of the visitor’s is done immediately just after the briefing exercise by the head guide or other guide selected by the park warden. After briefing, your name will be read by the head guide at the briefing room at the visitor center and you will assemble to your groups, to get to know your group members. Each group will be allocated a specific guide. Your guide will again brief you a fresh and you will make and introduction so as to know you new group members.

Don’t be surprise when your slip from initial group you came with to join other members. But in most cases, if you’re in group of 1, 2, 3 – 5 in a safari, you will probably join other members. However, sometimes, you also may truck alone, in case the turn up for that day’s trek is low, you may trek as you are. For those in group of 5, 6, 7, you may be joined by a new face to make up a group of 8 as required.

If the turn up for trek is low on that day, don’t be surprised to trek as you are. As the guides are enough to handle you in your initial individual group.

Please, follow you guide instruction, throughout the trek; he is the one to lead the group, and stay to your allocated group, throughout the trek.

You guide may join one of the vehicle and drive to a certain point to start your trek, if need be, as he will communicate.

After trekking, you will later drive off, to proceed with your day programme of your itinerary.

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