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For those heading for an activity such as chimpanzee trekking in the Kibale National Park, you will have to register before briefing. The drivers to the vehicle/ guide will as well register at the entrance gate of the park. All clients should register, on the visitor’s book, for good records. Those doing chimpanzee trekking, have to present their chimpanzee permit with them.

Registration is very vital to ensure that the park is very well aware of your presence and having taken part in the trekking exercise as well help in the accountability and data management as statistics has to be released to account for the visitor  number for a given period of time per visit.

So end ever to make sure you register at the Kanyanchu visitor center before going for the trekking.

There is as well a comment book, where you can leave in your trip feedback report, for assessments of the customer satisfaction, and appraisals of staff. Try to write in your analysis to assist the park to improve where need be, of course let us know, if your satisfied with the service as well, also both positive and negative feedbacks are welcome. Enjoy a wonderful trek

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