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When going for chimpanzee tour, there are few things you should bring alongside you that may be of great importance to make your tour amazing, not just staring and admiring other clients in the jungle. There is no gap here for “I wish”. A good preparation, before your safari day of travel, or trek, create a perfect moment in the field out there, is very necessary. You will really enjoy your trek as you’re more than ready for it. However, there are few things to carry along;

  • Good trekking boots, waterproof boots are highly recommended as some part of the park is boggy.
  • A good lens, for your camera, as some time the chimpanzee may be sighted up on tall fig trees, so that you’re able to take great pictures.
  • Extra camera batteries, so that you do not run short of cell, as the trekking become more fun and crazy.
  • Rain jacket, it is a tropical forest, it ceases to rain any day, any time.
  • Insect repellant, to protect you, from any insect bite.
  • Shoe garters, this protects your legs from any hurt.
  • Hut or cap, to protect your head from chimp droppings, and sunshine.
  • Hand gloves
  • A small bag, to carry some bites and drinks, also keep your camera in case it rains.
  • Enough drinking water and some bites for those going for full day trek.
  • A camera, so as to take a lively moment picture as a memory of the safari
  • Tips for the guides and helpers, we encourage tipping them for good work well done.
  • Your chimpanzee permit, to give you access to trek.
  • A pair of binocular, if you have some, may be of help, some birds are sighted along as well.
  • Sunglasses to protect your eyes, there is a lot of fallings in the forest.
  • Hope, end ever to come with a positive mind, so to create a lovely experience

With the above guidelines, you can enjoy your chimpanzee adventure. Wish you a successful trekking with us!

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