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Are you looking for a bite after your chimpanzee trekking? Numbers of restaurant do exist near Kibale National Park to full fill your hunger to see that you have something for your stomach before your next activity of the day. You do not need to starve. Primate restaurant just next to Kanyanchu Visitor’s center ground provide an intercontinental service, you need to however order in advance as you go for your trekking so as to find food ready by the time you come out of the forest. Other local restaurants do exist at Bigodi and Nkingo. If you’re interested in local food, you will be sorted on your visit to these local restaurants. Some of the restaurant includes The Bee Hive Bar & Bistro, Sunshine Restaurant, EcoBurrito, to mention but a few.

These restaurants do serve nice local cuisines that are very delicious, however not to the high standards like those for the upscale hotels. However the food is delicious, you enjoy the African taste. The entire ingredients are just bought within from the local farmers who sell them fresh to the different restaurant.

For those who love fruits, at the gates of the Isunga offices, there a number of venders who sale fresh fruits, like Mangoes, bananas, and passions, these are very fresh and delicious at the best friendly rates that you will never encounter anywhere around the region, enjoy the bargaining bit of it as you set the price. Food crops can be sold as well, majorly fresh beans, matooke and potatoes, for those travelling to Kampala, can buy some for their families.

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