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There are over 12 ranger guides attached to this section of tourism department who play a vital role in carrying out the tourism related activities within the park such as patrolling, habituation, attending to animal related conflicts, guiding. The guide constitutes of both male and females.

They major play a greater role in day to day guiding and chimpanzee habituation and security concern at the park.

The guides are trained in security issues, and gun use, and always carry a riffle along with them for tourist safety as the park is a forest which harbors other wildlife such as leopard, buffaloes and elephants. Do not get scared with the riffles, it is for your own safety.

The guide, carry radio talkies along with them for easy communication with their colleagues during the trek to find out any information about any sighting as it makes them all aware of the chimpanzee where about as they all proceed with the search for the chimpanzees in the forest.

The rangers guides, lead in the trekking, and they know where about of the chimpanzees by following the trails, ripening fruits and other places where the chimpanzees can be spotted.

They have good knowledge of the entire park, so do not get worried of getting lost as they sometimes use short cuts to cut across to easily reach a point they intend to.

The ranger guides have attained practical studies and training in guiding and are professional at their work, doing it at the best of their knowledge. You free to share with them your skills as well as learning do not end.

Feel free to interact with them as they share with you their expertise as you enjoy you trek.

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