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Whether you’re doing chimpanzee trekking or nature or bird watching you will use the trails at some point. These trails are well maintained, but at some point they are busy as well. Take caution on the tree roots and fallen logs as you may knock them and land un certainly. At some point the trails are too slippery, take great care as you use the trail.

End ever to watch over your head, at some point you will have to lower yourself so as to be able to go through the tunnel of the shrubs but you will have to watch what you hold. Some trees along the trail have hooks, which might harm you. You’re always advised to wear garden gloves, which protects your hands from such incidence.

Some portions of the trails have walk boards made of wood. Pay much attention as you walk over these words, they are not 100 percent safe. Some of the walk boards are old, having stayed in bad weather for long, and are not strong enough to support your weight. Take extra caution and care as you place your feet over them. Inform the guide about any damage, as the park officials are trying to always do regular maintenance. Some woods have not been well fixed with nails, so take caution and you walk over them. While walking over the wood board, end ever to give some space to your colleague, so as to give a great balance over the board, as I said before, some are old, which can easily break any time, as may fail to take on your weights. However, do not be too worried, you’re safe….

Also, as you use the trails, watch where you step, you may step on a small broken stick and it rolls you over.

Watch over as you move, these wildlife always use the same trails as they move over. Chimps, elephants, duikers, buffaloes, and birds are always spotted often on these trails. Do not be surprised to see a chimp following you behind, as you search for them. Keep your eyes in any corner as you move, you’re in the jungle, you expect anything, as you’re in someone’s environment.

With those, enjoy a wonderful nature walk, on these trails, as you keep you hope alive, and expect anything along the way. Do not litter, leave only footprints in the forest.

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