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There has been an expansion on the parking space, so you don’t need to worry about the parking space at the visitor’s center. However you need to utilize the parking space well so that you may allow other vehicles to park as well. Some extra parking space for bigger caravans is available at the camping site, just next to the entrance gate.

You need to leave your vehicle locked, as it is parked at your own risk. The parking space is free and no need to pay for any entrance, so long as you’re to visit the park for tourism or any intention, your free to utilize the parking space as you wish. Many vehicles do park on the same ground so observe your parking, so as to leave space for other vehicles as well. Park in a way that, it is easy for you to easily find your way out as you head for the trekking or out of the park. Avoid blocking other vehicles. Remember to close your window screen and leave your car locked for safety.

Take not when taking off, check your car, to avoid a kill, as it is a park, any time, any wildlife may take a shelter under your vehicle.

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