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Kanyanchu Visitor’s Center Information Consultants, is a guide that will provide you will all the possible information that you’re searching for in relation to your Chimpanzee trekking Safari and entire Kibale National Park information. Other various attractions and things to do, nearby the Kibale National Park are listed, to guide you on your safari planning.   You can as well plan your safari with Kanyanchu Visitor’s Center Information Consultants who have experience, and have been doing this for years and can make all possible arrangements for your dream chimpanzee trekking experience. Making sure you travel well is a skill that comes with insider knowledge, know-how and imagination.  Welcome to the art of traveling in style! When all has been arranged for you!

About the Host.

Fred Odyek, is a senior East African Safari Expert and Consultant, who has attained multiple training and educational studies in various tourism related fields in different various institutes in the country. He started his career way back as an adventure soul who had passion in the field of tourism, before joining Makerere University in 2013, to pursue bachelor degree in Tourism and Travel course, in which during his studies, he carried out his industrial training in Semuliki National Park and Kibale National Park respectively, which gave him a strong foundation for his studies and love for the tourism industry. It was from doing his industrial training from Kibale National Park, that he discovered his talents, and the luck of information gap about this great park, as much had not been unveiled and most information were out dated and was more of copy and paste, that he found it wise to come up with a write up about this park that gave him venture into tourism industry.  He worked for roughly 6 month in Kibale National park, as a student guide attached to this park in 2015, and later return in 2016 to do his research studies on Chimpanzee habituation as his study report work to finalize his degree course. He did many findings and report that has helped the park and him to become a consultant in line with tourism.

Fred did not only stop at degree level, he did a post graduate diploma with International Airline Transport Association (IATA) in Tourism and Travel Foundation Level, before he again enrolled for another post graduate diploma in Tourism and Travel with IATA, but this time at Consultant Level.

He has worked with several tour companies in both Uganda and Rwanda as a tour manager, this has given him great knowledge, to stand out as a talented safari expert at his tender age, able to design safari itineraries across East Africa.

He is an open minded adventurous person, who looks at meeting client’s expectation, and planning their dream trip to make it as successful as they wish. Feel free to contact him, for any kind of assistance, or information in line with safari planning to Kibale National Park or any other park in Uganda, as he has visited almost, all of these parks as he run safari across the East African continent, with Uganda and Rwandan parks as his favorite safari destination, doing a combined safari across.

Fred decided to come up with this, consultant site, to help tourists and information seekers, to be able to plan their dream trip with all the available information they would like to know about this Kibale National Park.

He as well organizes trips on behalf of the clients as seen on some reviews as a package with transport and accommodation all arranged for you.

Do not hesitate to get in touch with us; we can as well tailor your safari holiday around you, customized to your interest, and budget to see that we make your stay with us a memorable one. Explore Kibale National Park and East Africa in general with Kanyanchu Visitor’s Center Information Consultants, for your memorable chimp trek and exceptional holiday experience.

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